College World Series Preview

As summer vacation begins, the sports world sees a drastic decrease in entertaining games. The NBA Finals rivalry between the Cavs and Warriors made the rest of the playoffs irrelevant, and for the few of you who watch hockey the series is nearly over. The Finals will be over soon and the Warriors will be celebrating, but you will be lost without your sports. You were hoping that the Warriors and Cavs would both lose, and the only thing on ESPN is the 53rd game of the 162 games in the Yankees season, and the third consecutive day of Yankees vs Red Sox.

But good news, hope is here.

One of the most underrated sports is hitting its high point. NCAA baseball Regionals and Super Regionals are starting, which means the College World Series is just around the corner. The College World Series has eight teams competing in a double elimination tournament which eventually proves who is the best college baseball team in the country. The College World Series is the one time a year where you aren’t 100% sure that you know who will take home the NCAA National Championship. Last year, Coastal Carolina, a school with 10,000 students, beat Florida, which has 52,000 students, as well as Arizona, LSU, and TCU.

If you support the underdog, St. John’s will be that team. They have the highest batting average of any team in the tournament. They also have a great pitching staff. That staff boasts a 2.97 ERA, the sixth best ERA in the country, so don’t be surprised if a lower seeded St. John’s advances deep into the tournament.

If you only cheer for the team closest to home, Louisville is the best team for you. They have Major League Baseball’s fourth best college prospect in Brendan McKay. Another U of L homeboy is Drew Ellis. He played his high school ball at Jeffersonville High School and is has hit 17 home runs for the Cards this season. They have been poised to go deep into the College World Series several times under head coach Dan McDonnell and under performed, but expect the McKay and Ellis led Cards to change that and advance deep into the playoffs.

Bandwagon Cavs fans, unless the Warriors are winning, expect the first overall seed Oregon State Beavers to advance deep into postseason play. They are not a great hitting team, but the pitchers have ice in their veins, boasting the best ERA in college baseball. If your team has to play against Luke Heimlich you can practically count it as a loss now. He has given up 10 runs in 111 innings pitched this season. They also swept the eighth seed Stanford in three games, outscoring them a combined 25-8. I like their pitching staff, but they aren’t going to hit well enough to win the championship. I expect them to choke in the World Series and win one game at Omaha.

If you support the team that has peaked at the right time, look no further than Florida State University. The Seminoles are 12-2 in their last 14 games and swept U of L to end their regular season play. Not to mention beating the second seed North Carolina in the ACC championship and beating U of L again in the ACC quarterfinals. This squad might have been a bubble team before the ACC tournament, but now the Seminoles appear to have the potential to make a run deep into the College World Series.

When the 2017 edition of the College World Series closes, it will be June 28, only one month and five days till the first NFL preseason game. Good luck finding a game besides the Yankees and Red Sox to watch during the rest of summer.


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